Business Start-Up Services

Establishing a new office branch of your company in The Netherlands?

Relocation Resources offers you a one-stop shop solution when starting up a business branch or representative office in the Netherlands.  We have a wide range of expertise and an extensive network of service providers that enables us to ensure a smooth start to your business activities in The Netherlands.

Based on your specific needs we can put a proposal together that take care of the many different aspects that are important when establishing a new business.  Here are some examples of areas in which we can assist you:

  • Location search for your office
  • Securing an office lease
  • Arranging office equipment
  • Arranging telephone connections, internet connection etc. in your new office
  • Choosing the type of legal form through which you will conduct your business
  • Setting up business administration and accounting systems
  • Assisting in obtaining business licences, registration formalities etc.
  • Setting up the required 'general terms of doing business'
  • Drawing up employment agreements
  • Recruiting staff